Production Incentive

Tampere Cash Rebate – Cost Effieciency Throughout AV-Production

Audiovisual economy is vital for the city of Tampere. We aim that the AV industry would grow and wide range of productions would be produced in the region. The city of Tampere has leveraged the growth by launching a regional production incentive for Tampere.

Film Tampere is responsible for the practical coordination and preparation of the production incentive by the agreement between the city of Tampere and Business Tampere. Film Tampere, governed by the Tampere region economic development agency Business Tampere, operates as a regional film commission and enhances the local audiovisual industry and productions.

In practice the incentive means that the regional cash rebate can be applied for professional entertainment, documentary, drama, movie and VR productions. In addition, the cash rebate can be applied for their pre- and post-production phases.

The cash rebate can be granted for 10% of the production’s total budget which is spent in Tampere region. In addition, marketing co-operation between the production and the city of Tampere can be negotiated. This co-operation enables 0-5% raise to the cash rebate.

Qualified costs are the ones that are spent in Tampere region, including the costs which are arised from planning and post-production of the production.

Eligible costs:

  • Purchases of goods and services
  • Equipment and location rentals
  • Accommodation, local transportation and catering costs
  • Salaries subject to withholding tax, paid to employees in Tampere region.
  • Other costs (flat rate) max. 20% of the total sum of salaries and purchases. Other eligible costs which do nor have to be itemized may include for example travel expenses to Tampere.

No minimum spend requirements!

Find the general terms and conditions of the cash rebate here.
(General terms and conditions updated 01/2021)

If you are interested in applying, please contact  for further discussion and receiving the application form.


Finland’s  25% cash rebate

In addition to Tampere’s cash rebate one can apply for Finland’s  25% cash rebate. More information can be found from Business Finland’s website.

Minimum Requirements for funding:


Additional information about the filming locations in Finland can be found from the Filming in Finland website.

Additional information about Finnish filming industry can be found from the Finnish Filming Foundation’s website.

Read the press release about Tampere production incentive here.